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Hello! I am Geri Massey; the Everyday Authentic Coach and I can’t wait to see you find joy and success in your life. I worked in a corporate career for over 30 years and understand the challenges and stress of growing a career, managing high performing teams, building a business from scratch and trying to balance work, wellness and family. I am an experienced Human Resources executive leader who thrives on developing strong leaders, coaching teams and finding people’s unique talent or gift. I am known for being an authentic leader and genuine partner.  I believe in ‘real talk’ to get at real success and happiness. I want to help everyday people find their joy and passion in life – whether that be getting fit; finding new business ventures; removing obstacles or re-discovering the ‘shine’ that comes from being the best YOU possible.  



I am a wife, daughter and mother. I am a breast cancer survivor, Ironman and strong-willed woman. I enjoy challenging myself and others to push themselves to greatness.  One of my favorite quotes is “Do one thing every day that scares you” - there is so much growth in stretching your boundaries and daring to live beyond your comfort zone.   



I am a Certified Professional Coach through IPEC Institute and an Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner.  

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