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Everyday Authentic Coaching is here to help you find the courage and confidence to reach your full potential. I will partner with you to discover your truths while removing self limiting obstacles.

Together, let’s find your joy and passion and make a plan for you to live your everyday authentic life. 

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, and unmotivated? I am here to help. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Professional, Transformational & Life Coaching

Coaching Services

Career & Leadership Coaching

Life Coaching

Group & Team Coaching

Motivational Speaking 


It has been a pleasure being coached by Geri!  The relationship building has been and is most beneficial, as well as it being a great pleasure!  I had some reservations about participating because the thought of sharing and being vulnerable was my stumbling block but Geri’s professionalism, genuine commitment to help, and kindness helped me be at ease.  I learn and laugh when we talk!  Conversations and coaching with Geri has lead to more growth for me; both professionally and personally!  Thank you Geri!

Recruiting Associate


As a small-business owner, I found myself overwhelmed and unsure how to balance demands on my time. Geri has helped me surface my “story” and chart a path that is not only lucrative - but fulfilling as well. Her warmth and empathy coupled with insightful questions centered around relationships and values have transformed how I approach each day. I cannot recommend Geri highly enough! 


Small Business Owner


Geri is an effective, innovative and insightful leadership coach.   She has empowered me to clearly identify the areas on which to focus in order to bring the greatest benefit to my career development.”  Through Geri’s coaching, I have learned a completely different style of communication skills and this has made me a more effective leader.

Chief Financial Officer 

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